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The shop Nymphea

Price of the collections of posters :
- 1 collection (7 posters) : 320 F including all taxes
- 2 collections (14 posters) : 550 F including all taxes, is 275 F the collection.
- 3 collections (21 posters) : 690 F including all taxes, is 230 F the collection.
For any additional collection, to add 230 F including all taxes by collection.

The collections of posters are delivered in a spiral paperboard tube
(1 collection each tube)

Price of the video cassettes :
- SWIM ! 149 F including all taxes (with glasses ARENA)

Incl. port :
The share in the expenses of port and packing is 30 F by collection of poster.

Your command :
The payment of this one will be carried out by cheque, to send in parallel to this purchase order.
For the payments by credit transfer, thanks for contacting us in order to guarantee the confidentiality of your informations.

Thank you to print this form and to send it, accompanied by your payment, with the following address :
Jean-Lou Lucas
36 rue du Poitou
44115 Basse-Goulaine

First Name
Last Name
Postal Code


A number of collections collections n° 1 :
A number of collections collections n° 2 :
A number of collections collections n° 3 :
A number of video cassettes "SWIM !":

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